Comic Con Palm Springs: Zombie Takeover

Expect "a wide range of Zombie-related programming" at the three-day convention.

FOGGY HILLSIDES, and foggy dells, and fog-filled valleys, and fog-laden estates, the kind of scary spreads anchored by creaky old haunted houses? These are the fog-tastic sorts of locations, at least according to popular culture, where the unsuspecting living can expect to receive a startling visitation from those who are no longer among the living. Movies almost never show a shambling undeader at the beach, on a blissfully balmy day, under the full rays of the sun. (Side conversation topic: Do the undead sweat?)

FOR IT IS ALWAYS FOG, FOG, FOG, and more fog, when it comes to tales of not-living souls, making the upcoming zombieful, highly groany gathering at Comic Con Palm Springs something of a spooky stand-out. Because fog and Palm Springs? Almost completely generally never happening, ever, but you can expect a powerful amount of intense sunshine near the end of any given August. That's when the three-day movies, cosplay, and everything pop convention is set to take place in 2017, right when the heat is at its most heated. The upcoming dates run from... 

FRIDAY, AUG. 25 THROUGH SUNDAY, AUG. 27, in fact, and while all sorts of entertainment-related doings will go down, fans of zombiedom should know that the weekend will rock a beyond-the-veil vibe. A Zombie Walk through Palm Springs kicks it all off — or shambles it all off, rather — on Friday, Aug. 25, and while there's no cost to participate, you'll want to pre-register. An after-party at the Hard Rock Hotel will be mighty zombie-licious, as will Zombie Maze Room at the Renaissance Hotel. And a Zombie Café at the Renaissance Hotel will keep your belly full and your moaning/groaning abilities in tip-top shape, as sustenance is important when you're out undeading around. But how will you zombie without the all-important fog to envelop you as you lurch about the gorgeous desert resort city? Consider your Palm Springs shamble-thon a (literally) bright new chapter in your undead-related pursuits.

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