Cozy Getaway Fans, Four Sisters Inns Has Gift Certificates

Planning a future adventure? Dreaming of a day in an inn near the beach or a vineyard? There's a way to set that still-to-come desire in motion.

Four Sisters

MAPS? We all love them. We all adore poring over them. And when map mavens chat, there's a slightly competitive effort to prove how much maps mean to your sense of adventure, your spirit of travel, and your overall positive outlook on life. And one of the loveliest things about owning a few fold-out, spread-'em-on-the-table guides to the Golden State? They can be enjoyed whenever you like, even if you're at home and no trips are on the immediate horizon. But what of the far horizon? Are the maps on your kitchen counter tempting you to consider where you'd like to go "one day," whenever "one day" arrives? Here's something happy to ponder while you stay close to home: A number of California spots have gift certificates for sale, including the Four Sisters Inns collection. It's a group with...

17 INNS, the sort of charming and history-filled structures that feel like they should be on the cover of a coffee table book. Adding to the inns' attractive qualities? The settings are sublime. Some of the Four Sisters properties are a short walk to the beach (like the quaint West Cliff Inn of Santa Cruz, pictured above) or ensconced in the lovely land o' vineyards (hello there, Kenwood Spa, a jewel of Sonoma Wine Country). Are you already reaching for your stack of maps, to see which roads will take you to Mendocino, Playa del Rey, and the other towns, villages, and stretches of countryside that luckily boast a Four Sisters Inn? Get that gift certificate and help a inn-pressive company during a difficult time, all while helping make your "one day" plans.

AND IF YOU'RE A COOK... as well as a map maven? Nice: "The Kitchen at Four Sisters Inn" Cookbook is also for sale on the site.

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