Crab Feast Mendocino Is a Clawsome Time

Yes, "clawsome," not awesome, especially if you're a longtime crustacean aficionado.

Crab Feast Mendocino

DECEMBER'S SEAFOOD-Y WAYS? You can find them in several places, from the warming cioppinos seen on many menus to that classic Christmas Eve dining event, The Feast of the Seven Fishes. Filling shrimp pastas, rich salmon-topped risottos, and other winter's-here dishes are on briny display as December's days deepen. But one of the biggest of the ocean-flavorful California bashes actually occurs after New Year's Day, in Mendocino County, where longtime lovers of crustacean classics gather to crab-cake-it-up, and to celebrate an awesome, we mean clawsome, seafood superstar. It's the crab, of course, we speak of, and...

CRAB FEAST MENDOCINO... is one of the must-stops, must-sups of the crab-loving circuit. The 2020 party will bubble, bake, and broil from Jan. 24 through Feb. 2, giving gourmands time to both eat, and well, eat some more. And, of course, drink local wine and participate in a host of happenings that celebrate the postcard-perfect coastal region. On the upcoming roster? Look for a Crab Feed at Little River Inn, the Gualala Lions Annual Crab Feed, a crab-plus-vino adventure on the Skunk Train, and the Pennyroyal Farm Crab Brunch, to name a few butter-dippable to-dos.

AND THAT FAMOUS CRAB COOK-OFF? Which is one of the centerpiece shindigs of the whole bibs-on affair? That will spread the aioli on the first day of February. For specific days, ticket prices, and reservation musts, scurrying sideways style, like a crab might, to the Crab Feast Mendocino site now.

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