D23 Expo Reveals New Dates for Its Anaheim Celebration

The huge Disney convention will return in September 2022.

The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA

SO YOU KNOW YOUR DISNEY TRIVIA? And can repeat, in the voice of each character, every joke told in every animated feature? And you know the lyrics to every Disneyland attraction's song? And you know where every Hidden Mickey is located inside The Happiest Place on Earth? Then you know that there are some twists and turns in the Disneyverse, the sort of plot points that keep us on our narrative-loving toes. And here's a new twist in the Disney story, but its a twist that may build anticipation and fan appreciation: D23 Expo, the biennial Disney convention that takes place every two years at the Anaheim Convention Center, will return in 2022.

THE TWIST? That'll be three years since the summer of 2019, which was the last time the exhibit-packed, event-busy spectacular took place. But waiting an additional year is a decision that will be understood by ardent fans during the time of the pandemic, when Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure remain temporarily closed (Downtown Disney District is open). As for the specific dates? Yo, ho, and ho: "The Ultimate Disney Fan Event" will summon the big stars for special appearances, the fan-thrilling reveals, the movie-and-TV panels, and the ever-beloved Mousequerade from Sept. 9-11, 2022. Speaking of the Mousequerade, the 2022 date gives you time to dream up that super-elaborate costume, and to really give it some supercalifragilistic-style imagination (though, woot, there's a virtual Mousequerade coming up this fall).

AND HERE'S SOMETHING FUN... to potentially anticipate: While no 2022 dates for Halloween Time at Disneyland have been announced, the themed holiday happening usually opens around the second weekend of September. We don't have access Madame Leota's crystal ball, which must remain inside the Haunted Mansion, and we'd never dare ask the great medium if we can borrow it. But knowing that D23 Expo could possibly coincide with the popular Halloween overlay at the theme parks makes us as happy as one of the attraction's 999 Happy Haunts. What's to come for D23 Expo in terms of ticket prices, on-sale dates, and centerpiece events?

STAY TUNED... and watch the D23 social pages for more. Something sweet on the expo's horizon: The 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company will be a focus of the festivity.

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