Death Valley Begins a Phased Reopening Plan

The super-dry, oh-so-hot destination just announced how it is welcoming back visitors.


DO YOU ADORE DEATH VALLEY? Of course you do. You're batty for Badwater Basin, and you're practically a professor of all things pupfish, and you know just where to go to watch the sun dip behind the Panamint Range in the most picturesque way. You might have a refrigerator covered with Death Valley National Park stickers and postcards, and a permanent hankering for another road trip to your favorite hiking spot... and yet? You're not totally a June-in-Death-Valley sort of adventurer. You're more March-y, or kind of into November, when it comes to planning your outings in the very low, extremely warm, and quite dry national park. But here's something of a twist: June, for many Death Valley devotees, will forever be the month when their beloved park reopened following the pandemic closures. For...

THE SUBLIME AND REMOTE SPOT... just revealed its "phased reopening plans" are underway on June 15, 2020, which is as plunk in the middle of June as you can truly get. The team behind the park "... is increasing opportunities for visitors along the main road through the park, CA-190." That means that "... (o)verlooks, trail heads, bathrooms, and limited other facilities are now opening along this road." There's more to come, with other park thoroughfares, including Dante's View, making their anticipated re-debuts. Find everything you need to do with safety measures, lodging, roads, and more on this page. And, yes, information on the heat, which is rightly famous, or perhaps infamous, when June gets rolling.

FOR TRAVEL UPDATES... relating to the coronavirus closures, as well as safer-at-home recommendations, stop by Visit California.

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