Delight in Doxies at Old World's Winter Wiener-land

Have a rescue Dachshund? The Huntington Beach bash is also a rescue reunion, so invite your pup along.

WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND? You can expect to see a few starry, shiny staples in such a spot, from snowflakes to sleds to trees covered in glittery icicles. But a Winter Wiener-land is a different thing, though the joy found in such a spot, and the "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing, remain just as strong. For a Winter Wiener-land is all about Dachshunds, those coo-ready, cuddle-snuggly, but oh-so-dignified dogs that often go by the nickname Wiener Dogs. Thank the pup's long form for that handle, a moniker that's stuck over the years, and also inspired more than a few events with "wiener" in the title. One such event is ready to dash into Old World in Huntington Beach, and we do mean dash, as the...

PUPS ARE READY TO RUN... at the Winter Wiener-land Rescue and All Breeds Invitational Race. You'll want to trot to the food-filled, music-fun attraction on Sunday, Dec. 3, and you'll want to be on the sidelines to cheer on the sweet four-footers from 1 to 5 p.m., when all of the tail-wagging action'll take place. The small breeds run at 2, and the Doxies are up at 3, and vittles will be for sale nearby, including the Bratwurst and German favorites that Old World is known for. Southern California Dachshund Relief, Inc. is one of the day's hosts, along with Old World, and if you're crossing your fingers that the event will also serve as a reunion for rescue Dachshunds, get happy: It shall.

COST TO GET IN? It's two bucks, but if you have a wee runner in the race, your entry is free.

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