Dickens Devotees to Lit Large in Riverside

Tickets are now available to the ball and other special parties during the February festival.

Riverside Dickens Festival

ARE YOU DELIGHTING IN A LOT OF DICKENS... at the moment? Have you perfected all of your ghostly voices in order to enchant your family as you again read "A Christmas Carol" aloud? Have you told the kids something about the world that the author lived in, and how it informed his richly woven stories of human need and greed as well as his unique fanciful flights of imagination? Christmas has a way of annually providing a major Charles Dickens moment for many readers, though some Golden State fans might argue that a more major moment arrives not in the twelfth month but just a few weeks into the new year. For that's when the annual...

RIVERSIDE DICKENS FESTIVAL... summons its queenly demeanor and tea-scented to-dos and literary mindset for a weekend of throwback fun. And we do mean "throwback," for those who attend tend to look as though they emerged from the pages of "Great Expectations" or "Oliver Twist," at least in the manner of their vintage dress and comportment. The February street festival is free, but there are a few separate ticketed events that people may want to alight on early, much in the way that the Ghosts of Christmas alight in Scrooge's bedchambers. Tickets to...

FEZZIWIG'S VICTORIAN BALL... are now available for $35, while entry to the Royal Victoria Tea Room & Musical Hall are $25 for adults (and $15 for the under-12 set). A few other events will soon be on sale, like the Steampunk Fashion Show and Evensong. As for the dates of the festival? No bahs or humbugging here: Revelers shall gather in ye olde Riverside on Feb. 22 and 23, 2020.

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