‘Dino Summer' Roars at the Discovery Cube

Things are about to get way, way prehistoric at both the OC and LA locations of the science-cool institution, as well as Newport Beach.

STOMP, STOMP, STOMP: Say you traveled back in time, to an era that happened long before this one, and the pilot of your time machine warned you not to step through the machine's doorway, as a dinosaur might be outside. What would you do? If you're like many dino devotees, and movie characters, and people in thrilling novels, well, no spoiler alert needed: You're stepping outside, dino or no dino. Though, of course, you're kind of maybe sort of hoping to see a dinosaur, yes? Because that's why you traveled back to a prehistoric time. But you don't need a time machine, nor a pilot advising you not to interact with any of the dinosaurs outside, when you call upon the Discovery Cube in Orange County, the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles, and Discovery Cube's Ocean Quest in Newport Beach over the late spring and summer of 2018. That's when...

DINO SUMMER... opens, and it'll roar, with a big swish of its scaly tail, right from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Actually it debuts on the Saturday before Memorial Day, so May 26, and if you can't make the opening day, keep in mind that several special events, like Dino Adventures and Dino Detectives, are on the schedule for later in the summer. Or you can round up the brontosaurus buffs in your household and head for either science-minded institution during any day of the exhibition. The OC and LA locations of Discovery Cube will feature "Dinosaurs Around the World," while Ocean Quest, in Newport Beach, will spotlight "Sea Monsters: Prehistoric to Modern Day Predators." The land + sea combo offered by the trio of destinations will make for one thrill of a summer for those kids, and their grown-ups, who really dig dinos.

GET THE UPDATE... on everything that's ahead, from animatronics, to "immersive design elements," to dino-awesome displays, and all of the ways that Dino Summer will make its very large footprint. It's exciting stuff, and we don't even need to invent a way to zoom back to a time long gone. That time is now and Discovery Cube OC, Discovery Cube LA, and Discovery Cube's Ocean Quest in Newport Beach are the paleo-riffic places.

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