Discover the National Exchange Hotel's Haunting History

Peek around the vibrant and vintage building, a Nevada City landmark, and learn tales of its ghostly past... and present.

Kat Alves/Erin Lewis

What to Know

  • "Haunted by History" tours at the National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City
  • Oct. 1, 15, and 28
  • Complimentary with a paid two-night stay at the hotel

FEW CALIFORNIA PLACES... can hold a candle to Nevada City, a leafy Gold Country hamlet where sepia-toned charms and modern-day moxie live in easy proximity. And few places in the small and scenic town meld that bygone beauty and contemporary cool like the National Exchange Hotel, a storied stay-over spot that recently enjoyed a major refurbishment. The updates all rock a certain splendid ye-olde-ness, handsomely hewing to the centuries-old stature of the hotel, but every last detail has a stylish, spruced-up feel, too (call it a contemporary spin on 19th-century splendor). But something that has remained throughout the decades of change at the landmark? Phantoms, or at least those fantastical phantom-fun tales that give overnighters at the hotel a delightful dose of goosebumps. To celebrate these forever guests, a few candlelit tours, dubbed "Haunted by History" nights, will take place at the National Exchange in October.

SATURDAY, OCT. 1... is the first 2022 date, with Oct. 15 and Oct. 28 to follow. You'll need to book a two-night stay at the hotel to enjoy the complimentary peek-around, flickering fun which will take you into the various nooks and crannies of the atmospheric inn. Your guide? That role will be filled by the hotel's general manager, Anthony Jones, who will arrive with numerous tales to tell. The Haunted by History tours aren't the only treats on the hotel's calendar; look also for A Phantom of the Opera Dining Experience, which will mask-up for a meal of marvels at the National Bar near the end of the month (Oct. 26, to be precise). That's a gorgeous time to visit the foliage-lush town, which is famous for its brilliant red, gold, and orange trees as Halloween grows closer. For everything happening this autumn at the National Exchange Hotel, haunt this site now or ring the hotel for more information.

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