Disneyland Delish: New Fancy Doughnuts

Review the tummy-tempting selection at The Coffee Cart on Main Street, U.S.A.

DEAR CHURROS, it has been a good long while since we've written, and for that we do apologize. Life has kept us busy, but your cinnamon sweetness, your easy hold-a-bility, and your notable soft-to-the-teeth-ness remains forever on our mind and in our heart. So this is just to say that we do adore you, and Dole whips, and those Mickey Ears cookies, and all of the goodies we can find up and down Main Street, U.S.A., and just off it, too (we know, we need to stroll to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room for our Dole-based longings). This is all to say that the classic Disneyland Park treats, those find-'em-in-Anaheim edibles that fans have long fancied, will remain at the top of the must-have list. But there's a new pastry in town, or, rather, 40 new "flavor combo" pastries, and they're making a doughy splash at The Coffee Cart on Main Street, U.S.A. They're the new...

GOURMET DOUGHNUTS... that just debuted at the end of July 2017, and while the 40 — 40! — new flavors won't be in the case all at once, for that would be a mighty big case, you can choose from a trio of tasty options each day. Those options, which have been overseen by Executive Chef Jason Martin, might include the Matterhorn Macaroon doughnut or a gooey bar topped in potato chips and drizzles of chocolate. Peanut butter cup pieces and rainbow sprinkles and a zazzy host of toppings are making these after-meal goodies both eye-catching and palate-pleasing. But do we really actually mean "after-meal"? At Disneyland, a churro or a Mickey Ears cookie can start out the day, as can these brand-new doughnuts. Which Disneyland fan will be the first to try all 40 over a few dozen visits? You know that someone already has this record-making goal in mind, as is the way with the devoted fans of the Happiest, Doughnut-iest Place on Earth.

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