Dog People, There's a New Guide to Fun in the Redwoods

It's free, too: Download "29 Awesome Dog-Friendly Redwood Parks" now.

Mark Downey

What to Know

  • A free guide from the Save the Redwoods League
  • "29 Awesome Dog-Friendly Redwood Parks"
  • Sign up and download it now

PAT THE COUCH CUSHION NEXT TO YOU, and ask your pooch to jump up and nestle close to your lap, all so you can tell her a tail, er, tale she truly won't believe. And the start of that story? "There are places full of spaces aplenty, and trails to romp along, and pretty leaves that rustle in the wind, and areas made for adventuring." Don't keep your furry favorite in suspense, though, after such big promises are made: Tell her immediately that you're talking about Golden State locations that are lush with redwood trees. If her ears perk up and her nose twitches after you've shared this amazing information, best head straight to the Save the Redwoods League site, sign up, and download your free guide to visiting California's redwood-iest destinations with your dog at your side.

THE FREE FIDO-FOCUSED DIRECTORY... is called "29 Awesome Dog-Friendly Redwood Parks," so choosing where to start will be the hard part. Headwaters Forest Reserve, Navarro River Redwoods State Park, and Portola Redwoods State Park are just three of the suggested tree-packed places to roam. A map is included in the guide, so you can find the parks closest to your home turf, as well as fast and flavorful descriptions of each park, and what activities are available. There's a dogly dimension to the woofer-wonderful write-ups, too, so you'll know just where you and your hound are allowed (if you make for Hendy Woods State Park, you'll want to stick to the "shady gravel fire road").

PLANNING SUMMER ROAD TRIPS? This gratis guide is a good start for those who adore living with an adventurous, take-me-along-Mom-please animal. Eager to support the redwoods-supporting league? You can by visiting this site now.

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