Downtown Disney Has St. Patrick's Day Eats and Treats

Make for Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express for beignets that boast a mint chocolate chip flair.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • St. Patrick's Day 2021 is on Wednesday, March 17
  • Holiday goodies can be found throughout Downtown Disney District in Anaheim
  • Some eats are only available on March 17; check the dates before you go

CORNED BEEF, FESTIVE DESSERTS, REPEAT? Finding the fanciful and flavorful foods associated with St. Patrick's Day can be done by simply glancing around the bakery aisle of your grocery store or at the limited-time menu of a favorite local restaurant. But sometimes a person would like to make the March occasion even merrier, and Mickey-ier, with the sort of sweets that convey a special memory or two. That can be done by stopping by Downtown Disney District in the days leading up to Wednesday, March 17, thanks to the shops and eateries that have crafted the sort of confections that have that end-of-the-rainbow appearance, taste, and character.

THE 2021 ST. PATRICK'S DAY FOODS... are live on the Disney blog, with several delectables popping up around the district for a limited time. There's a St. Patrick's Mickey Apple at Marceline's Confectionary from March 10-17, a goodie that includes a "... Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel, marshmallow ears, enrobed in milk chocolate, colored white chocolate, and a green top hat." Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express has Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Beignets from March 15-21, while Uva Bar & Café is the spot for a savory Corned Beef and Cabbage Burger on March 17 (for sure, there's Swiss cheese, too, and garlic fries on the side). Some of the holiday comestibles are only available on March 17, so do check each offering's date before you go. There are more temptations to peruse, too, from celebratory sips to a Shamrock Krispy to the Pot of Gold Apple.

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