‘Dracula': Live Concert Screening at the Segerstrom

See the chilling classic with music from the Kronos Quartet and composer Philip Glass on piano.

VAMPIRES... are superstars in the modern era, at least when it comes to our books and movies and television shows and graphic novels and cosplay costumes and Halloween theming. So, in short? The eternal figures rule just about every corner imaginable, and if we see the ancient, long-of-life characters popping up at grocery stores, and swimming pools, and other traditionally un-vampire-y spots, we won't be surprised in the least. And while Bram Stoker's "Dracula" arrived near the end of the 19th century and helped to set the tone for vampire stories (which, of course, had been around for eons, seemingly), it was the 1931 film "Dracula," from Universal Pictures, that ushered the chilling tales of immortal, night-loving beings into the modern era. Finding "Dracula" today isn't too challenging — Halloween home viewing, as well as revival theaters, have kept the Bela Lugosi-starrer in the public eye — but to experience it with live music, with some legendary performers at the helm, is as rare as finding a vampire outside at high noon. But the...

SEGERSTROM CENTER FOR THE ARTS... will be presenting the black-and-white classic on Saturday, Oct. 28, with some amazing musical talents on the stage. Composer Phillip Glass will be on the piano, the Kronos Quartet will be weaving in the sensuous strings, and Mick Rossi will be at the keyboards (and shall be directing the music-based action, too). Mr. Glass created the rich score at the request of Universal, so to see him at the piano is rare and thrilling. As for the Kronos Quartet? The composer created the score for the Grammy-winning group to play. Best board your carriage for Transylvania — or, rather, Costa Mesa, of course — and purchase your ticket for this elegant expression of the haunting holiday. Sounds summoned by iconic artists, plus early cinematic, beauty, plus a towering figure of the page and screen, all in one place, all on the Saturday before Halloween? No tricks here, only a treat for eye, ear, and mind.

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