Laguna Beach

Enjoy a Virtual Benefit for the Sawdust Art Festival

The long-running Laguna Beach fair will bring music, joy, and memories of past visits to the wider public, all to help support the popular festival's mission.

Chiara Benelli

WATCHING A POTTER'S WHEEL... spin as an artist coaxes a beautiful sculpture into shape? Seeing hot glass at the very moment it reaches its peak heat, and wondering what the glassmaker has in mind for the end result? Or finding the perfect pair of earrings glinting in the soft Laguna Beach sunshine, only to then meet the person who made them? These are some of the many memories that flow in and around the...

SAWDUST ART FESTIVAL, the charming, summer-big event that also enjoys a short and sparkly wintertime engagement. And such Sawdust-scented memories exist for many Californians, thanks to the fact that this famous fest can trace its roots back to the 1960s. Since then? The fest has become a must-visit for locals in Laguna Beach and art lovers far beyond. That solid history means that thousands of people have happily roamed the festival's quaint alleyways and peered into its petite and picturesque booths, booths that are filled with creative treasures.

DO YOU MISS THE ARTISTS... that you've met at the potter's wheel and the glassmaking demonstration? Are you longing for a way to show the people who put on the Sawdust, year after year, that you are thinking of them in this challenging time? There's a heart-sweet way, by tuning in for a virtual benefit on Sunday, Dec. 20. "Home for the Holidays" will feature musical performances and a cameo by the beloved Sawdust Santa, as well as a host of behind-the-scenes-y tales inspired by the artists who show and sell at the Sawdust. It all happens at 6:30 in the evening, and if you can make a donation to the festival, there is a way to do so on this page.

ONE DAY SOON, you'll be back among the stalls, with that iconic sawdust crunch-crunch-crunching under your feet, but for now, just ahead of Christmas, here's a sweet and virtual spot to show a homegrown, quintessentially Californian fest that you care.

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