Explore the Fresno County Fruit Trail

The showy petals begin to sprout around the middle of February, with a strong run of blossom beauty into March.

Matthew Fidelibus/EyeEm

FINDING SPRING? We can do so when the equinox arrives, though there are goings-on around the Golden State that speak of spring's charms well before it officially arrives. One of the most fragrant and flavorful and flowerful happens at various spreads and farms in the Fresno area. It's a region that is lush with lovely fruits, and when the weather begins to warm up, and the tiny buds along limbs begin to open, fans of the Fresno County Fruit Trail know it is time to do a little wandering, exploring, sunshine-savoring, and admiring of fruit blossoms.

THAT TIME IS NEARLY HERE, as the Fruit Trail observes a season that begins around the middle of February. You'll take a "self-guided tour," one that leads you through "... orchards full of ripe fruit," goodies that are "literally bursting with flavor." A host of participants, from Kings River Winery to Simonian Fruit Company to Bari Olive Oil Company, are on the list, but you'll want to make sure the places you'd like to visit are open when you plan to go (some observe weekday hours, while other places are open in the summertime). Wherever you choose to visit, you'll get to know the agricultural offerings of the area, the tastes that grow there, and, most importantly, the talented people behind all of these noshable and healthy snacks.

GET UP... on your Fresno County Fruit Trail 411 now, and when the 2020 blossoms might begin to peek out, here and there, before the pre-spring petals fully open.

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