San Diego

Exploring the Whaley House's Haunting Tales

The San Diego landmark's tours are on hold, but you can learn more about eerie stories from the Old Town spot.

JULY? It can be hot, and it ushers in the dog days of summer, and the extreme sunshine? It's potent this time of year. But the seventh month is also one of the most spirited around California, for that's when a number of major fall attractions start revealing their upcoming plans for haunting attractions and monster-filled mazes, not to mention the auditions required to make sure the popular mazes are well-monstered. Several major Halloween events are shuttering in 2020, in response to the pandemic, but you can still find your way to some of the Golden State's most ghostly spots, at least virtually, for now. Places like the Winchester Mystery House are offering online videos of the mansion's more mysterious corners, while...

THE WHALEY HOUSE, another popular destination for ghost seekers, has some online information about its ghostly reputation. Have you always wanted to take a tour of the San Diego landmark, which is found in the Old Town area? Those are temporarily on hold, but you can read up on the "Haunted Folklore" of the house here. Even spectral animals have reportedly been seen on the property, which is home to an abode that is often dubbed "The Most Haunted House in America." Want to see photos of phantom-like orbs, odd images seen in mirror reflections, and such? The team behind the house regularly shares such spooky snapshots on social media, as well as a trove of throwback photographs.

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