Eye the New Giraffe Cam at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

What are those mightily tall superstars up to, right this very minute? A click'll tell you.

HAVE YOU EVER CRANED YOUR NECK, or stared at a tree branch determining if you could reach the leaves with your mouth, or pranced along an open stretch of grass? Then you, dear friend, are likely a devoted aficionado of giraffes, in all of their lovely long-of-leg, sweetly spot-tastic, amazingly agile glory. We didn't even include sticking our tongues out to grab something delicious, which you may have seen a giraffe do, nor practicing standing up while you sleep. There are so many wonderful things that these ungulate mammals regularly do that to try and giraffe-up our own ungiraffe'd lives would take time, and skill, and dedication. But we don't need to gnaw upon leaves while they're still clinging to branches, nor do we need to snooze while standing, for there is a camera that gives us a fascinating peek into the lives of the giraffes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The camera, which just debuted on Jan. 24, is located in the African Plains area, which is quite capacious, at 60 acres. Which may mean you'll...

SEE A GIRAFFE, or a rhino, or a gazelle, or an Africa crowned crane, or another critter "...that may mosey across the lens." Such is the way with live cams: We have to keep any eye out for what animals happen to be there at the time, and not grow too huffy, for animals have to do what they have to do, near the camera or not. Making the just-debuted Giraffe Cam even more exciting, though, is the fact that it is "...the first camera to stream continuous live video from one of the Safari Park's five field habitats." It's also the first camera to "...feature a multitude of different animals in one expansive field habitat." Totally cool, no doubt. The animal park is also hoping those who visit the Giraffe Cam page will be inspired to join Wildwatch Kenya, a citzen science program.

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