Fall Feast: Long Beach Lobster Festival

It's September, which means the bib-based bashes are going strong.

IF YOU'RE A LOBSTER LOVER, you may pause, from time to time, while pondering what to order at a seafood restaurant. Maybe you do long for a whole Maine lobster, or even a lobster roll or lobster pasta or lobster fondue, but you know, very soon, that the famous, ocean-adjacent lobster festivals of Southern California will soon reign. And while a couple of those parties are out of the gate early, in July and early August, there are a few that hold tasty court when September arrives. The Long Beach Original Lobster Festival is among those few, and the party is on at Rainbow Lagoon through Sunday, Sept. 10. You'll probably want to know about the...

EATING SITUATION... before you head over to the festival, and it is this: A Lobster Feast ticket includes the star eat of the day (hello, fresh and steamed lobster), as well as coleslaw, the all-important dinner roll, in case you want to make an impromptu lobster roll, watermelon, lemons ("fresh cut," natch), and butter dipping sauce. There are other ticket types to peruse, including a Jumbo Feast, which adds a lot more lobster to your plate, and a la carte options, too, which don't have your general admission fee built into the price. 

A DANCE FLOOR, opportunities to karaoke, a kid's stage (complete with petting zoo), and more high jinks fill out the non-food fun of the weekend. A weekend that's notably cooler than Labor Day Weekend, making for an ideal eating-by-the-Pacific kinda lobster lark. More details? More here.

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