Find a Chair for Fashion Island's Friday Night Flix

The cinema series opens on July 6 with — da na, da na — "Jaws."

LOCATING AN OFFBEAT SPOT... to revel in a movie you've always loved? It's as much a part of summertime as lemon flavor in everything, as sweat on the brow, as the smell of just-mown grass (or, around here, jacaranda blossoms, if you prefer). And Southern California always delivers on the offbeat spots, when it comes to films, meaning that you can watch a movie for the first or fifteenth time in a park or a cemetery or, on occasion, at an outdoor location at a mall where you bought your last pair of stylin' sneakers. And such a shopping destination is ready to fill all four of the Friday nights in July with classic movie goodness, beginning with a screening of "Jaws" on Friday, July 6 (after all, it is a work built around the Fourth of July, so, yeah, it is a "Jaws"-y kind of week). It's...

FASHION ISLAND... in Newport Beach that's setting up the four films, with "Jaws," as mentioned, da-na-da-na-ing on Friday, July 6, "A League of Their Own" pitching on July 13, "Dirty Dancing" shaking it on July 20, and "Pretty in Pink" getting Duckie on July 27. A general admission ticket is ten bucks, which also nets you a bag of popcorn. The place to go, which is good to know, given Fashion Island's notable size? Make for the Neiman Marcus Courtyard. THE LOT is the sponsor, and while movies do start at dusk, you'll want to arrive a bit early, surely, to settle in and begin working your way down that bag o' popcorn. Look to 7:30 p.m. for your check-in time, and look to this site for more information on finding film fun times at Fashion Island.

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