Find Alpine Oktoberfest Fun in Lake Arrowhead

The autumn lark returns to its lake-close setting, up the mountain.

ALPS, we have not 'round Southern California, save a certain bobsled-filled peak in Anaheim (oh yes, and there's an Abominable Snowman, too). And while a zip up Disneyland's Matterhorn is always lively, there are other upper-elevation ways to find fun, and some of them, like the Matterhorn, have been around for decades. One of the long-runners in the fall-time festival department occurs just a short walk from a famous, mountain-based lake, and if you just called out...

"LAKE ARROWHEAD," and you know that this party has been around for three decades, well, we do raise our stein to you. It's one of the most Alps-y routes to finding Oktoberfest-style celebrating in our region, in part because the village of Lake Arrowhead boasts such a Tyrolean vibe. But there are other traditional touches, like that amazing live music that's become a staple at the weekend parties, that brings the fans back, both from the mountain communities and the lower lands, too. The 2018 Oktoberfest opens on...

SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, and it runs every weekend day right through to Sunday, Oct. 28. The price to enter this Oktoberfestian scene? It's zero dollars, but have some dollars for your brew and your brat and the fixings that make the brat so munchable. Activities include the team sausage toss, Chicken Dancing, and those pretty-darn-difficult stein-holding competitions. Ready for your trip to the Alps, or at least an alpine approximation, this autumn? Begin here.

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