Find Free Kid Fun at Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks

Help your tots connect with this glorious wilderness through a variety of programs.

LOVING UPON NATURE? There are so many beautiful ways to do so, from taking a quiet stroll, to observing a bird, to joining an animal count, to picking up litter when you encounter it along the trail. Sharing this love with our kids is also exceedingly important, and, again, there are a number of paths to this final and fabulous goal, the goal of connecting young people with our wilder world and all of its animals, plants, and elements. The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks has provided an especially awesome path for parents seeking nature-based outings with their kids over the summer of 2018, through a few programs that cover a number of different topics around the nearly-40,000 acre Orange County spread. Might your kid be super-duper fascinated by beasties and critters and how they roam and what they eat? Consider signing her up for...

ANIMAL TRACKING IN FREMONT CANYON, an adventure set for Saturday, Aug. 11. The minimum age is 8, and some three miles will be covered, and "basic tracking skills" will be spotlighted as participants keep a keen eye out for "... tracks, fur, bones, homes, and even scat." And before that fun event? Look for J.O.Y. for Nature: Geology Rocks! on Monday, July 23. The minimum age is 9, participants will roam over three or so miles, and "different geological features" will be a main focus. There are other great to-dos to come, giving kids the chance to learn about seeds, insects, and several other topics, so pore over the schedule at the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks site now, and plan your next "yay, nature!" trip into some of Orange County's most epic and wild corners.

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