Finding Frosty Smiles in Warm Springtime

Mammoth Mountain is sharing wallpaper-ready photographs and cute coloring pages, too.

Mammoth Mountain

A FROSTY SMILE, on the whole, is rarely a good thing. It can indicate that you aren't especially keen to be encountering whatever is before you, and yet you feel as if a positive reaction, of some sort, is in order. But there is a type of frosty smile that is quite sweet, and actually far more warm than it is cold, and it has to do with the grin that comes from remembering fond times in chilly places. And as spring grows warmer, many people around the Golden State are trying on a glacial grin or two as they revisit pictures from favorite peaks. If you're missing a treasured mountain right about now, and thinking to future days when you might return to skiing, riding, or simply hanging out at the lodge with a toddy, best call upon...

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, or rather the destination's social media pages. Mono County is currently asking visitors to plan a getaway for down the road, while the ski destination is temporarily closed. But you can still find snowy images, and activities for your cold-loving kids, by shushing for Mammoth's Facebook and Instagram. For a number of bundle-up views and vistas have been showing up on Wallpaper Wednesday, meaning you could have some fresh and frosty photos for your phone. And do you have a Woolly fan in the house? There are printable coloring pages for the younger skiers in your family. Nope, it isn't quite as jolly as seeing Mammoth's mammoth in person, or, er, in mammoth, but it is a fine and creative way to pass part of an hour.

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