Flower Fields Bouquets Are Now Available for Sending

Haven't made it to the celebrated Carlsbad destination this spring? Enjoy the famous Giant Tecolote Ranunculus at home (or send to a friend).

The Flower Fields

What to Know

  • Visit the vivacious fields in Carlsbad through May 9, 2021 (advance reservations only)
  • Peak bloom started in early April
  • Order a bouquet through The Flower Fields site

COLORFUL CARLSBAD DAYS: April can be pretty ethereal pretty much everywhere, but Carlsbad has a lovely lock on sights that stun, pretty much. For sure, that has a touch of hyperbole to it, but once you've stood among millions of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, those big-headed, super-layered Technicolor bloomers, it is hard to not think of them when you try and rank your favorite springtime spectacles. We are, of course, talking about the famous Flower Fields, one of the Golden State's most-buzzed-about areas for the colorful kapow created by waves of cultivated flowers.

MAKING THE JOYFUL JOURNEY... to the ocean-close area is on many Californians' do-it-over-and-over-again bucket lists, if bucket lists can boast repeating goals. But what if you can't make it to the 50-acre, blossom-bountiful expanse during its peak, or whenever it happens to be open to the public, which is generally from March 1 through Mother's Day Sunday, each and every year? There is a way to fulfill your bloom-based fancies: You can order a bouquet of ranunculus grown in The Flower Fields, all to enjoy at home.

THE WINDOW TO DO SO? Like the petals people understandably obsess over, the time to order these beautiful bouquets doesn't last for long. So you'll want to peruse availability now, and decide if you'd like yellow ranunculus, pink ranunculus, or another hue in a vase on your dining room table (or, better yet, what colors a friend in need of a surprise treat might enjoy). There are assorted bunches, too, if you can't decide if you prefer pink, white, yellow, or something else. Something nice? These beauties can travel all over the nation, if you have a pal in the south or northeast or somewhere beyond California, the sort of friend who'd adore seeing these otherworldly flowers at least once. All of the prices, shipping choices, and flowery fun? Right here, blossom buffs, but don't dally too long; these bouquets do go fast.

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