Summer Fun

Fly Above Mammoth, Gondola-Style, With This Stay-Over Deal

Snag one free ride for a grown-up for every night you stay, nearly all the way through summer 2021.

Mammoth Mountain

What to Know

  • Enjoy a free adult Panorama Gondola ticket for every night you stay through Sept. 19, 2021; "Up to 2 kids (12 and under) ride free with each adult"
  • The gondola travels up 11,053 feet, to the top of Mammoth Mountain
  • Available for stays booked at the Mammoth Lodging Collection Properties

SOARERS OF THE SIERRA: If you had to name five feathery wonders found around the range that runs through the middle of the Golden State, what birds might you name first? You might immediately think of the handsome hawks that call the peaks and valleys of the Sierra Nevada home, like the Red-Tailed Hawk, or the Great Horned Owl, that awesome hoot-hoot-er. The Stellar's Jay is another fabulous favorite, and the dramatic Turkey Vultures have their devoted fans, too. What they all have in common with each other, but not with us, is they can move about by the power of their wondrous wings, while we landlubbers must remain wingless and bound to the land. Or must we? For in the mountains, where these very birds fly, there is a magical conveyance called the...

PANORAMA GONDOLA: You might think of this picturesque transportation when you think of wintertime, and the skiers of Mammoth Mountain, but this high-in-the-sky marvel also runs in the warmer months, too, all to give riders views of the epic Minarets, the towering trees, the swirly clouds, the buildings far below, and, yes, the occasional spirited soarer, be it a hawk, vulture, or another flight-blessed flyer. If a trip to the top of Mammoth Mountain (which sits at 11,053 feet) sounds like just the summer-ending adventure you've been craving, prepare for your own heart to soar: There's a Stay & Gondola Package, which gives you a complimentary adult ticket on the Panorama Gondola for each night you stay at one of four local properties.

GOOD TO KNOW? This offer ends aaaalmost with the ending of the summer of 2021, concluding just a few days ahead of the autumn equinox. That final day to soar? It's Sept. 19, 2021. As far as the lodging you should look at to score this up-high experience? Tamarack Lodge, Juniper Springs Resort, Mammoth Mountain Inn, and The Village Lodge are the four participating spots (yep, they're all Mammoth Lodging Collection Properties). And you bet: "Up to 2 kids (12 and under) ride free with each adult," if you're traveling with youngsters. Read more on this page before you book your stay, and consider this, if you're already craving cool weather: Nights in Mammoth, come late August and September, truly do take on a crisper character. Call this gondola ride not only a fun freebie, but a trip from summer to autumn, at least weather-wise.

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