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Foodies, Follow Santa Barbara's New Julia Child Map

A chef-starry weekend devoted to the cooking legend's favorite haunts and delicious legacy is coming up.

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HOW TO SPEND THE DAY WITH JULIA? As in, the great Julia Child, an icon who changed the course of home cooking, entertaining, and the domestic arts through her charisma-packed cookbooks and unforgettable television appearances? It isn't difficult to reconnect with your devotion to Ms. Child, who was born in Pasadena, lived in France for a good length of time, and eventually made Santa Barbara her home. The gifted culinary artist did, after all, pen "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," a book that has been a staple of many kitchen cupboards since its 1961 debut. It's a temptation-filled tome that still serves as a portal for people who want to know more about how Ms. Child chopped, chose vegetables, and cheerfully created edible masterpieces, even when those masterpieces went a bit awry (something she was always good-humored about).

SANTA BARBARA... will honor the marvelous memory of one of its best-loved residents during the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience, a three-day weekend of great meals, chef cameos, and eat-ready adventures around town (and beyond). The weekend, which raises the forks and spoons from March 13-15, 2020, will include a "Julia Child-inspired dinner" at San Ysidro Ranch, a tour of a farmers market, and a paella class. But one of the most splendid centerpieces of the foodie-fabulous weekend is also one of the freest: It's a new and totally complimentary Julia Child Map, which details some of her go-to dining spots around the American Riviera. For sure, In-N-Out made the map, as did world-famous tacos of La Super Rica Taqueria.

EAGER TO JOIN THE EXPERIENCE? Here's something lovely: The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts is a partner. Learn more now about the gather of chefs, cooks, and those who dig digging in, and, of course, that pay-nothing Julia Child Map, too.

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