Free: La Jolla Art & Wine Festival

Get as close to the ocean as you can, just about, for this creative-fun walk-around (and, yes, purchase-around, too).

AN ARTS FESTIVAL IN THE OCEAN? Probably not going to happen for we human festival goers at any point in the near future. After all, it is difficult to line up all of those booths when water makes everything so buoyant, and the items for sale within each booth? The jewelry pieces and the lovely artworks and the zingy foodstuffs? They, too, would just float to the ocean's surface. As for the crabs and seahorses and whales shopping the festival, and attending a wine tasting, well... That, too, isn't going to happen, as whales need to migrate while seahorses and crabs, both, have pretty busy day-to-day calendars. All of that said, there are a few art- and vino-themed festivals in our state that are so near to where the ocean starts that you can almost believe you might see a seahorse shopping for earrings for his mom's birthday or a whale quaffing wine. One that's had the lauds and accolades and big attendance in the past? It's the...

LA JOLLA ART & WINE FESTIVAL, and it is on the schedule again, on Saturday, Oct. 7 and Sunday, Oct. 8. It's free to attend — no clams required to saunter through the non-existent door at this alfresco festivity — but, as always, do keep some dollars (not the sand kind) on hand should you want to try some primo regional wine or buy a vase, a dress, or both. Prepare to stroll by "...over 150 handpicked artist booths" featuring everything from woodwork to fine glass to photography. There are activities, too, at The Geppetto's Children's Art Center + Lab, so prepare to snap your kids painting a car or building a model. Can you eat there? There shall be heaps of vittles for sale, yes. Is some of the money from the day helping out programs in schools around La Jolla, programs highlighting art, music, and more? Oh, you bet. And, as mentioned, you're Pacific-close, along Girard Avenue, making it one of the most pleasant of places to spend the first full weekend of October 2017.

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