Free: Live Concerts in Solvang Park

Visiting California's windmill-iest town on an upcoming Wednesday? You're in luck.

THERE'S OFTEN THAT MOMENT, after you've hungrily downed a trio of æbleskivers, and a notable amount of jam and coffee, when you're pondering what your next move will be. Go browse some clogs? Or some sleek Danish furniture? Find a bucket of butter cookies to take home to your cubicle mate? Or simply stand outside and revel in all of the quaint-a-tude that Solvang exudes with such consistency that other quaint towns everywhere would do well to take notes? Difficult decisions, all, but if you happen to be in the Santa Ynez Valley burg on a Wednesday afternoon, and it happens to be a Wednesday between June 14 and Aug. 16, 2017, you should ponder sauntering over to Solvang Park for some live tunes courtesy of the Solvang Summer Series. Make that free-to-see live tunes, and a general sense of community conviviality, what with families spreading picnics out on the grass. But the Wednesday tune scene isn't the whole Solvangian summer story, for there are...

FOUR NEW CONCERTS, all on Fridays, over the summer of '17. June 30, July 14, July 28, and Aug. 11 are the dates, and the genres and sounds'll touch upon a number of styles, like the Wednesday shows. As for the midweek music, visitors and locals can expect to rock out to Echoswitch on July 5, Cadillac Angels on July 26, T-Bone Ramblers on Aug. 2, and a host of other acts covering bluegrass, rockabilly, and more. But should you, after downing three æbleskivers, save room for just a few more? Here's a notion: Go to the park, for the start time of 5 p.m., savor some sounds, then return to a Solvang pastry shop for more doughy delights, after you've got some dancing/relaxing in.

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