Free: OC Parks Summer Concert Series

The Thursday night events also include free parking, too.

FREENESS, as in free-a-tude, as in free-osity, as in gratis-goodness, is an easy-to-love concept that can show up at any moment in one's life, from the free restaurant dessert that you didn't know you'd get to the free extra ticket a film-loving friend has for the hot movie. But free-a-tude shines the strongest, or seemingly so, in that season of bright hues, powerful sunshine, big breezes, and lavish flavors: It's summer we're talking about here. And quite often, though not always, of course, if something is taking place in a park, that something is either not too pricey or of the pay-nothing variety. And if that free park-based something deals in swell sounds? Summer's brightness and sunshine is felt inside one's very being. A park concert in the summer, where both the admission is free and the parking is, too, is gloriously grand, and you don't need to search too far to find a number of dates observing these top-notch tenets. The free...

OC PARKS SUMMER CONCERT SERIES... is on every Thursday from July 27 through Thursday, Aug. 24 at Irvine Regional Park, Mile Square Regional Park, and Bluff Park at Salt Creek Beach. Do note that only one location will be in play each Thursday, so, no, not all three parks'll be hosting each Thursday during the run. Best check the calendar to see where that Thursday's concert is at and who'll be on stage. Matt Costa and David Rosales are the artists on July 27, and the place is Irvine Regional Park. Regardless of what park you land in, and upon what date, the events run from 5 to 8 p.m. every Thursday through Aug. 24. It's so free, it's so strum-happy and song-fun, and it is a way to wind down the (almost) done week. Fact? A concert in a park is as tried-and-true a summer staple as an icy glass of lemonade or watching clouds pass by on a lazy afternoon.

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