Free Queen Mary Passports for Military Members

Active and retired military members and first responders may enjoy a passport to the historic ship, for free, through Labor Day.

LA FLEET WEEK... will draw many Southern Californians to the LA Waterfront over Labor Day Weekend, and to the concerts, the fly-overs, and special ship tours that the long weekend delivers. But there's another on-the-water icon that's just a short drive away from San Pedro, and it has quite the story to tell. Make that numerous stories, for back in World War II the ocean-liner called the Queen Mary was better known as "The Grey Ghost," a famous transport ship for thousands of troops. It's a story that's told in detail, with informative displays, aboard the capacious boat, and it is a story that may be viewed at any time, and not just during annual events. But there is something notable on now, at the Long Beach destination, and it is a show of gratitude for active and retired military members and first responders (police and firefighters) visiting the ship. The Queen Mary is offering...

FREE PASSPORT ADMISSION... through Monday, Sept. 3 to military members and first responders, and a nice deal for those in their party: If you're visiting the Queen Mary with an active or retired military guest or first responder, you'll receive 25% off the "passport option they choose." This means you can all go as a group to view the World War II artifacts and other interesting items that help to illustrate the ship's Scottish roots and hundreds upon hundreds of pleasure voyages made by the ship. For more on this offer, click. And to obtain your free military or first responder passport admission, just visit the Queen Mary box office.

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