Gaze Up/Around at Julian Natural Wonderfest

Tunes, art, and the great outdoors (as well as the Perseids) get the love at this mountain shebang.

IF YOU'RE THROWING A PARTY, and it is oriented around nature, and the marvels of the cosmos, and the incredible elements of Earth, you can't do better than planning your celebration to coincide with one of the best meteor showers of the year. It makes for a real sky-planet combo, giving those who attend double the treats (in terms of looking down and around, at the animals and plants we share this orb with, and gaze up, at objects moving quickly across the sky). Julian Natural Wonderfest was right on this, in terms of setting up...

THE PERFECT WEEKEND... for enjoying both Gaia and galactic awesomeness. We're heading into the perfecto Perseids time of year, when the easy-to-spot meteors will captivate we earthlings, and it is August, when so much that grows and hops about here is in full and succulent bloom. Are you ready to fête the Perseid Meteor Shower and so many of the terra-firma-tastic delights we live near and around? Then be at the mountain village on Saturday, Aug. 11 from 3 in the afternoon right through to an hour before midnight. "Wildlife Encounters, Music, Art, and Star Party" are the...

CELEBRATION'S SWEET THEMES, and there's another element we can all dig: It's free. The place to go? Find your way to Jess Martin Park in the apple-licious burg. And while fall is coming up soon, and Julian's pie scene will be at full hum, trust you can get a slice now, even while summer is high. Hello again Perseids, hello heart-good tunes, hello art and critters and sky and sunset, and hello to you, Julian, with your charms and history and pastries and devotion to our natural world, both below our feet and far above our heads.

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