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Ghost Town Adventurers, the Road to Bodie Is Now Open

The Mono County destination is again welcoming visitors, but do read up on all you need to know before you go.

Mitch Diamond

What to Know

  • Bodie State Historic Park in Mono County
  • SR 270 opened earlier in April 2021
  • Do arrive with "(e)xact cash or check only": $8 per person, $5 ages 4 to 17, children ages 3 and under admitted free

BEEN TALKING ABOUT GETTING AWAY? As in, away away? As in, one of the away-est areas you can find within the Golden State, but still a place that teems with terrific stories, amazing visuals, and lore galore? There are so many quirky corners to experience, but if you're going to plumb the away-rich depths of California, you'll want to turn your gaze upon Mono County, which happens to be home to one of the most famous ghost towns on the planet. And, as a rule? Ghost towns, in their arresting states of arrested decay, tend to be more "away" than "nearby," all told, making them primo, picture-worthy stops on any away-focused road trip.

BODIE STATE HISTORIC PARK... is certainly famous, and beloved, and visited, but it always possesses an ethereal and even elegant awayness. It can, in fact, feel like you're one of the first people to walk along its dusty and dramatically framed streets in decades, though, of course, road-trippers and history buffs regularly make the pilgrimage to the remote spot in the warmer months. And those warmer months and reverent pilgrimages? They've begun, as of early April 2021, for SR 270, the lonesome and lovely road to Bodie, is now open.

YOU'LL WANT TO READ UP... on entering the park, and important details like having "(e)xact cash or check" when you arrive (the prices are on this page). If you don't need your away-centered getaway ASAP, and you're looking to a Bodie idylll later in the summer, be cheered: The Bodie Foundation has a number of events to explore when the days get longer, like Ghost Walks. For more in information, mosey down Main Street in the direction of the group's informative site now.

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