Valentine's Day

Glen Ivy Has a Sweet Deal Ahead of Valentine's Day

The peaceful Temescal Valley getaway is bubbling with savings.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

What to Know

  • Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Temescal Valley (temporarily closed due to renovations; reopens Jan. 28, 2022)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $85; shipping is free
  • "Order by February 7 for arrival by Valentine's Day" (but the gift card will never expire)

SUNSHINE, SIMMER, SIGH: Finding the perfect spot at Glen Ivy Hot Springs is easy but also somewhat challenging, in an ultimately cheerful sense. The easy part? There are oodles of relax-ready chairs, burbling tubs, and places lush with foliage on the spacious and sunny property, a peaceful place that has been drawing people in need of some relaxation for decades. The harder part? The choosing, of course. Do you want to be near a stand of palms, or your favorite tub, or Club Mud? There are too many tempting locations, and alighting upon one may be the most difficult decision you'll encounter all day. For the Temescal Canyon destination is all about unwinding, decompressing, destressing, and soaking in some serene moments, whether those moments are spent on a massage table, at the edge of a warm pool, or, oh yes, fully slathered in all of that marvelous, gooey, layer-it-on mud.

IF THIS TEMPTS, and, for plenty of Californians, it surely does as 2022 begins, there's an offer afoot, one with a love-filled holiday in mind. And that deal? You can buy a $100 gift card for $85, and you can use it towards whatever you like at the property, from spa treatments to time in the tubs to the Glen Ivy "farm-to-table culinary experience." Good to know? While this is a deal built around Valentine's Day, the gift card will never expire, meaning you can spend it on Feb. 14, later in the winter, in the summertime, or even next year. But if you would like to give this treatment-themed treat to a sweetheart on the Day o' Hearts, you'll need to place your order by Feb. 7, 2022, giving the gift card time to arrive.

ALSO IMPORTANT? The hot springs-laden location is going through some renovations and updates a month or so ahead of Valentine's 2022, with a reopening date scheduled for Jan. 28. Peruse all of the lavish, luscious, undo-the-knots offerings on the Glen Ivy Hot Springs site now, and snag that savings-filled gift card faster than it takes mud to dry on a particularly sunny day.

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