Mother's Day

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Has a Cool Gift Card Deal for Mother's Day

Thinking of a sunshiny soak with the most special person in your world? The Temescal Valley getaway can help (and help you save, too).

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

What to Know

  • Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale
  • Purchase your card online through May 9 (order by May 3, though, for guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day)
  • Spend $85, receive a card worth $100

WATER, SKY, SUN, MOM: Naming the most essentially elemental things you know? You might first suggest the star that kindly gives our planet its daily illumination. You might turn to the air, to time, and to the major building blocks of our days, our futures, our hopes, dreams, and minds. And, of course, you'll likely name that most elemental and essential figure of all, Mom. Spending an uplifting afternoon in her powerful presence, while also being awash in sunbeams, warm breezes, and, yes, cooling or warming pools of H2O feels about as elementalicious as delicious experiences come. Are you hoping to reconnect with your mother soon, or down the road, at a classic California spot like...

GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS, which has bubbled beautifully in the Temescal Valley for several take-a-dip decades? The pool-laden place, which is famed for its muscle-pleasing mineral baths, has a deal on that's all about treating the amazing elemental icon in your life: It's the Mother's Day Gift Card special. You can purchase yours online through May 9 (which is, yes, Mother's Day in 2021). But if you want it by Mother's Day? Be sure to order early, by May 3. And here's the "special" part of this special deal: A $100 gift card will be available for $85. Nice? Yes. Also nice? The card "... can be used for any one of the spa's exclusive wellness packages with no expiration date." Reservations will be required, do keep in mind. For more info, dip into the Glen Ivy Hot Springs site now.

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