Glowful Gourds to Flicker at the Winchester Mystery House

The Jack O'Lantern Trail, an atmospheric outdoor display, will give visitors to the San Jose attraction an alfresco expression of autumn.

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

What to Know

  • Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
  • Sept. 10 through Oct. 31, 2021
  • $19.99-$41.99

A BECKONING PATHWAY: Calling upon the Victorian Gardens at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose in the heat of springtime? You'll encounter a bounty of floral majesty, with stately palms, freshly mown lawns, and flowering trees framing Sarah Winchester's ethereal (and enormous) abode. In one direction, you could walk beneath a bower absolutely draped in colorful blossoms. In another? You might sit beside a cool and gurgling fountain. But come October? The sort of festive sights we associate with fall begin to replace the storied spot's sunnier sights, at least for a few frightful-but-fun weeks.

THE JACK O'LANTERN TRAIL... will give glow to the huge house's glorious garden area over several nights in the late summer and autumn of 2021. The staff at the historic (and said-to-be-haunted) attraction recommend this outdoor option for families with younger kids, and anyone who isn't in the mood for the in-house tours (especially those look-arounds that have a spookier vibe). Call it an enchanting way to spend a fall night, under the stars, as the Victorian Garden shimmers with elegant autumn splendor. The jacks? They're all hand-carved, and there will be dozens to admire, as well as the "Lost in the House Light Show, a projection-mapped light show that uses the iconic front of the mansion as a canvas."

TICKETS? You can find them on this page. The dates? Everything begins to flicker on Friday, Sept. 10, with the glow going right through Halloween. Do note that if you opt for the outdoor trail, your ticket will not include any tours on the inside of the house. More details? Float by the Winchester Mystery House site now.

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