Go Forest Bathing Among the Redwood Behemoths

Find a few quiet-the-mind treks around Mendocino County.

'TIS THE SEASON FOR TREES, and strolling among trees, and sauntering by bushy branches, and pausing by a row of Nobles, and dallying in the presence of Douglas firs. You may have found yourself calling upon a Christmas tree lot in recent days, or driving by one, and the mere (but merry) sight may have summoned to mind the delightful idea of a forest. And while those pop-up corner lots are a bit forest-y, when you're in the thick of the thicket, locating an actual location that's brimming with bush-tastic, fern-lovely, redwood-tall trees takes a bit more work. But the opposite of work? It's forest bathing, the ancient Japanese pastime of peace, contemplation, and chatter-quieting. You can quiet your own inner chatter, or at least find an hour or two of away-from-it-all joy, by calling upon a clutch of trees for your own bout of forest bathing. And where better to find such a colossal clutch than in...

MENDOCINO COUNTY, which happens to be the home of some of the largest trees on the planet? Visit Mendocino recently shared a few regional, redwood-lush destinations that are wonderfully suited to the forest bather's nature-based needs. Ethereal Orr Hot Springs made the list, as did Fern Canyons, which rocks the moss, lichens, and "burbling" water (all features that complement the quiet-a-tude you're seeking). And if you're hoping for a guided forest bathing trek, one that will set you on the path to this new pursuit? Brewery Gulch Inn is offering a pair of in-the-forest meditation experiences. Dipping Your Toes includes both breathing exercises as well as tea made from local ingredients, while The Full Body Immersion also includes yoga and lunch. 

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