Go ‘Hiking With Stemware' at the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival

The appetizing extravaganza will marry merry dining and sipping events to the spectacular setting.


LOAMY MUSHROOMS, DEEP-TONED WINES, the softest sunsets, the twinkliest nights, and memorable meals boasting earthy moxie? It's hard to beat eating around Big Sur at any point on the calendar, but autumn really does deliver some delightful dining magic to the magical area. It's also the time when the Big Sur Food & Wine Festival returns to give fans of the region and its foresty, ultra-fine flavors a true treat. It's all back over the first weekend in November 2022, with its a la carte options, redwood-adjacent events, and outdoorsy spirit. Choosing what to do is a cheerful exercise, and pondering a night spent with pinot or the perfect plate is a wonderful way to stoke anticipation.

BUT DON'T ANTICIPATE FOR TOO LONG, for you'll want to reserve your spot at the happening, or happenings, you'd like to attend. Some of the temptations in 2022 include Hiking With Stemware, an alfresco adventure, and the Pinot Walkabout at the Sierra Mar Chef's Garden at Post Ranch Inn. And Bubbles & Brushes in the Redwoods is a fizzy choice, and the setting of Big Sur Lodge only ups the fizz-a-tude. And if you're looking for dancing and vino? You couldn't beat the Wine & Swine, which rounds it all out at the sublime, oh-so-itself Henry Miller Library. All the ticket information for the Nov. 3-5 festival is brewing/simmering/sprouting right here.

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