Gold Country's Tasty Wine + Chocolate Weekend

Mosey along the Madera Wine Trail in search of vivacious vinos and a host of complementary candies.


WHERE'S YOUR CHOCOLATE? Your beloved bars of dark caramel and red velvet milk? Do you keep them tucked in the back of the cupboard, or high on a pantry self, or in a drawer? Or do you place them alongside your bottles of wine, the sippable vinos that give plenty of extra gumption to goodies? Not every wine in the world goes perfectly with a square of chocolate, but wait... that's probably not completely true. For there are chilled whites that enhance a white chocolate bar's creaminess, and heavier ports that give super-rich candies even deeper notes. If this is your favorite topic to think about, and moreover eat and drink about, best tell your Valentine that one of February's most charming events will again pop up along the...

MADERA WINE TRAIL: It's time for Wine & Chocolate Weekend, the 18th annual return of this popular happening, which means several vineyards in that neck of Gold Country will be pairing up the sweets and sips. The 2020 dates are Feb. 8 and 9, a Saturday and Sunday, which means you can get your Valentine's Day high jinks high-jinks-ing early with your special someone. A pre-sale ticket, which is available through Feb. 7, is $25, and you'll be able to do some satisfying sampling once you have that ticket in hand (a day-of admission, by the by, is $30). Look/listen also for "... live music, gift shopping and delicious food," as well as the other lively elements that will festoon this adult-style celebration.

SO... where do you stow your chocolate bars? On the wine rack? Inside the wine rack? Yep: This festive weekend is made for you.

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