Great Wolf Lodge Celebrates the Wolf Moon With a Sale

Rooms at the family-fun hotels will start at $117 per night, but the window to book is as short as a moonbeam is bright.

Great Wolf Lodge

What to Know

  • Great Wolf Lodge's "Wolf Moon" sale
  • Book on 1/17 for stays from Jan. 17 through May 26, 2022.
  • Wolf Den Suite stays start at $117 per night

MOONING OVER THE MOON? It's so easy to love our lunar satellite, whatever phase it happens to be moving through. We find the moon's sliver-thin crescents sensational, we like its happy half-way-there appearance, and the fabulous full moon? It's our favorite moment of the ancient cycle, a time of reflection and introspection, and, yes, celebration, too, for soaking up all of that pretty, ultra-soft nighttime light is one of the many pleasures of basking in the ethereal beams reflecting off our nearest space neighbor. But sometimes moon-inspired marvels have a way of popping up down here on terra firma, all to give life a little magic, a bit of fun, and something sweet to anticipate. And to pay homage to the Wolf Moon, the first full moon of the calendar?

GREAT WOLF LODGE, the hospitality company known for its slide-laden pools, lobby-cute storytimes, kid-pleasing cuisine, and activities created for families, will be holding a sale. The offer only will apply to reservations made on a single day, on Jan. 17, with a special code. The starting price for an overnight during the sale? It's $117, which, of course, reflects the sale's date (1/17, yep, which just happens to coincide with 2022's first full moon). You'll have a few months to choose from, when booking your visit, so decide when you'll visit your nearest Great Wolf Lodge, starting on Jan. 17, with a concluding date of May 26, 2022. In Southern California? There's a Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, right next to Anaheim, making it a splashy stayover for families around the region as well as visitors. Adding one more howl-worthy element to this deal? "(I)f your pack's last name is Wolf or a variation of it, you can add a Free Wolf Pass," says the company.

FOR MORE ON THE SALE, which, again, is only happening on 1/17, trot by this page, for all of the details on the offer. Oh, and the code you'll need to secure the savings? It's WOLFMOON.

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