Great Wolf Lodge's Fanciful Flash Sale

Yep, it's all happening on 2/22/22, and your price to stay for two nights? It starts at $222.

Great Wolf Lodge

What to Know

  • Deals available at all Great Wolf Lodge locations, including in Southern California
  • Stay two consecutive midweek nights; starting price is $222, excluding taxes and fees
  • The code is TWOTWOTWO

THE FOURTH TUESDAY... in February 2022? Let's put it this way: It really is two much. It does, after all, include a "tue" in its name, a nice homonym for "two," and it lands in the second month, on the 22nd day. This means the occasion will feature an absolute shower of two-tastic goodness, with two-themed deals popping up in a bevy of places. And one of those spots? It's Great Wolf Lodge, a location known for its splashy pools, watery slides, and family-cute activities, from storytimes to in-hotel adventures. Two, er, too cute, right? If you and your tots have been wanting to check out the getaway, here's the 2/22/22 offer, a flash sale that's going to wrap up as quickly as it takes to whoosh down a slide: Great Wolf Lodge is offering two midweek nights for $222.

ARE THERE ASTERISKS? Sure, there are a few. The price doesn't include taxes and fees, and the rate is available through May 26, 2022 (it kicks off, officially, on, you guessed it, Feb. 22, 2022). If you want to stay on a weekend or holiday? The rate will be higher. And hold on: You'll need a code, but it is a snap to remember: TWOTWOTWO. This is for a Family Suite, by the by. And here's something worth making a splash about: "(S)elect stay dates can be enjoyed during the water park resort’s annual Spring Breakout celebration," reveals the company. For more information on this terrific 2-tacular of a sale, don your waterwings and slide by this site now.

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