Big Sur

Help Name This Baby Condor

The Big Sur chick is growing by "peeps" and bounds; now a majestic moniker is needed.

Ventana Wildlife Society

WILDLIFE CAMERAS? The kind of webcams that stream sweet and moving nature scenes straight onto our screens, live as those scenes are occurring? They've been a source of solace and joy for people during the pandemic, though wildlife-focused cams were certainly popular well before 2020. But checking in on a favorite animal, park, mountain, or stream became a window to the world for many people staying at home during the spring, and one of the critters that happened to catch many adoring eyes just happened to arrive during that very season. It's the...

CONDOR CHICK, the fluffy baby of Redwood Queen and Kingpin we're talking about, a youngster that exited its egg on April 25, 2020. Condor-loving humans not stationed high up in a Big Sur redwood tree having been keeping tabs on the tyke from afar, physically, but from close-up, camera-wise, via cameras. The sweet beaked baby has been growing strong, but the next hurdle, a happy one, awaits: Choosing a name. The Ventana Wildlife Society, which keeps a watchful eye on the condors of California, has sent out the call, and it involves people suggesting names for the little (but getting bigger) bird. The baby, thus far, is rocking the handle Condor 1031, but if you think Connie the Condor is cute, let them know.

HERE'S A PROMPT: Redwood Queen laid her egg on Feb. 29, giving this little one some whimsical Leap Year cred. For more on the search for a perfect handle for this chick, the condor cams, and all that the society does for nature up and down the California coast, fly by this page now. Just be sure to get your suggestion in by June 24 (the name reveal will happen on June 25).

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