Here Come the Famous Lighted Tractors of Calistoga

Illuminated agricultural vehicles will roll through the center of town, an eye-catching spin on a traditional holiday parade.

Stacey Smith

What to Know

  • 2022 Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade
  • Saturday, Dec. 3 from 7 to 8 p.m.
  • Lincoln Avenue between Stevenson and Cedar Streets

HOLIDAY PARADES... are definitely not one-size-fits-all affairs. If you've seen more than one or two, you know these bow-topped processions might include a collection of waving clowns, a number of sprightly elves, a fanciful forest float, a bounty of faux snow, and/or a line-up of dancing lollipops. Really and truly, anything offbeat, joyful, or a bit of both belongs in a delightful December procession, but many if not most of the entries should reflect the spirit of the place. And few parades capture the quintessential character of the region they roll through like the Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade, which, yes, includes several stately agricultural vehicles covered in all sorts of baubles and bulbs.

THE SINGULAR SPECTACLE... is ready to turn its big wheels and huge treads in the direction of its next event, which rolls at a slow and showy pace through the wine country hamlet on Saturday, Dec. 3. The place? Lincoln Avenue, the longtime thoroughfare for this fan favorite (a spectacular that is known to draw onlookers from far beyond Napa Valley). And while the twinkly tractors get plenty of cheers — as they most definitely deserve, being the hardworking conveyances that they so famously are — other offbeat sights are associated with the parade. Sizable trucks are also major players in the event, and, yep, these powerful entrants are also decked out in festive decorations.

ARRIVING EARLY? That's always a smart plan, especially since this is one of the only parades of its quirky kind. For all of the details, visit Visit Calistoga now for all of the dazzling details on one of the Golden State's most memorable and mighty expressions of the season.

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