Laguna Beach

Here's the 2022 Pageant of the Masters Theme, Travel Buffs

Laguna Beach's world-famous hold-the-pose art extravaganza will celebrate our "Wonderful World" via its annual stage show.

Pageant of the Masters

What to Know

  • Laguna Beach
  • July 7-Sept. 3, 2022
  • Tickets go on sale Dec. 1, 2021; $30 and up

ZIPPING ALL OVER GLOBE... in just a few hours? We don't want to be the bearers of difficult news here, but you'll require some sort of magical portal, or a magnificent, place-hopping machine, or an invention that allows you to slip between timestreams without too much fuss. Such devices can be rather tricky to acquire, if you aren't acquainted with a time-obsessed inventor, but you can be transported, again and again, by putting a single destination into your map app: Laguna Beach. For the art-forward community is home to the world-famous Pageant of the Masters, a stage-based spectacular that's ready to set the scene for a grand tour in the summer of 2022. And the pack-your-bags news is here: The celebrated pageant is preparing to explore our...

"WONDERFUL WORLD," which is also the upbeat, planet-embracing theme of its 2022 production. It's a production that has long seen talented volunteers posing "inside" paintings and sculptures, staying completely still over several thrilling minutes. And the artworks in the "Wonderful World" show? Several legendary international artists will be represented, including Edvard Eriksen from Denmark and Japanese woodblock artist Chikananobu. Audiences should expect to enjoy "a kaleidoscope of international art," which will transform into "... a passport to distant lands, cultural celebrations, and fascinating history."

AND THE MAIN INSPIRATION... for this big-of-vision spectacular? "One of my favorite heroines who provided inspiration for next year’s Pageant is the intrepid American journalist: Nellie Bly," said Pageant Director Diane Challis Davy. "In the 1890s, she attempted to travel 'round the world in fewer than 80 days, the challenge imagined in Jules Verne's fictional classic, 'Around the World in 80 Days.' We're researching her travel logs, diaries, and ephemera related to her ambitious solo journey. Did she accomplish her mission? You’ll have to see the show!" Good to know? Tickets go on sale to the general public on Dec. 1, 2021, while auditions traditionally take place soon after the new year begins.

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