Cherry Valley

Highland Springs Is in Full, Photo-Ready Twinkle This Season

The lavender-famous location is doing up the cheer, with major merriment, in Cherry Valley.

Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

What to Know

  • 123 Farm at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in Cherry Valley
  • Through Jan. 8, 2023 (closed Tuesdays); $12 and up, depending on date; multiple ticketing tiers are available
  • Holiday lights, treats, beverages, Santa, s'mores, and more

OUTDOOR EXPRESSIONS OF THE SEASON... can flurry into our festive-loving worlds in a variety of wintry ways. We might encounter a lawn lined with faux snowmen, or a bright-blinking house display set to cranked-up carols, or oversized reindeer topping a well-lit building. But traveling to an enchanting farm, one that's known for extreme purple-o-sity in the late spring, means you'll be finding a different sort of expression of seasonal cheer. After all, it is what 123 Farm at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn does so well: Pair a pretty and peaceful alfresco experience with its lovely agricultural setting, a sought-after experience in our go-hard day-to-day lives.

LAVENDER BUFFS... known this purply place for its May-into-June fields o' scent, but when November arrives, it is about one thing: holiday splendor. Make that a million things, rather: Christmas Nights at 123 Farm boasts a million lights, bulbs that add an illuminated allure to trees, shrubs, and just about every other spot that can be wrapped by a sparkly string of lights. But the serene shine isn't the only thing that people journey to the Cherry Valley destination for; there are eats to savor, and drinks, too, with Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza, Smoked Brisket Mac 'N Cheese, and other goodies on the menu (including, you bet, a Lavender Hot Chocolate). Carriage rides, adorable appearances by Santa, scavenger hunts, and other jolly goings-on fill out the schedule.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: Admission is lower on weeknights and Tuesdays are closed. For all the glimmer, clip-clop by the Highland Springs site now.

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