Hike Death Valley Art Contest

If you dig the desert and cool decals, best enter soon.

DISCOVERING THE DESERT? Even if you've hiked a canyon a dozen or more times you know, down to your bones, that you'll make fresh discoveries and insights along the way, all while emerging from the canyon knowing a bit more about yourself, or at least where your head and heart are currently at these days. Too poetic? Overly mystical? Not at all, for plenty of Golden Staters turn to our astonishing and epic arid landscapes to shake off the day-to-day burrs all of us seem to gather as we move through our must-dos and gotta-get-to-its. Hiking around a sublime desert landscape, like Death Valley National Park, is, in short, a flat-out necessity on many an adventurer's life-enhancing roster. If this is you, and you do a bit of tromping around Death Valley, then you surely know that you can earn a nifty decal that helps you tout your accomplishment. It is the...

#HIKEDEATHVALLEYCHALLENGE, we speak of here, and it involves "you completing 4 points" to score your nifty decal. There are easier hikes, like Ubehebe Crater Loop, and some that up the general air of challenge, like Mosaic Canyon, so explore all. And, if you have a way with design and artistry, consider entering the contest to create the 2018 design for both the decal and the poster. The deadline is Monday, July 31, 2017, and there are some things to know, like your artwork must be digital, and it should be labeled #HikeDeathValleyArt. All the hikes and contest rules are here. First prize? A suh-weet Interagency Annual Pass. It's a terrific way to share your Death Valley devotion, your art skills, and your hike-happy pursuits with fellow hikers of the desert. Get going on this cool contest already? Why, yes, you really should.

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