Hop on a Free Train Ride at Railtown 1897

Take to the rails over the opening April weekend of the excursion train rides.

"SO WHAT DID YOU DO THIS WEEKEND?" is probably a question you'll get asked, should you run into anyone on a Monday, or you get a text, or you receive a call, or you swing by a neighbor's place. For the weekend is a magical and brief window of brunchery, movie-catching, happy high jinks, and extra sleep, at least in many people's minds (and, yes, in many people's dearest hopes, too). But what do we typically answer that question with? "Not much" or "you know," which implies that the question-asker definitely does know (probably not, is our guess).

BUT... what if you had a more memorable answer ready to the eternal Monday morning question? What if you said "oh, just took a free ride on a train with a 1952 Baldwin Whitcomb No. 1265 historic diesel locomotive at the lead" and sashayed away feeling very satisfied with yourself? You might leave the person who asked flummoxed, for that is such a thorough and intriguing way to address Monday's Most Commonly Asked Question. If you do want to tell someone that, on a Monday, then circle the first full weekend of April 2018 — that's April 7 and 8 — and find your way to Jamestown, and Gold Country, and...

RAILTOWN 1897 STATE HISTORIC PARK, which is kicking off the season of excursion train rides with a great deal. How great is it? Free admission, free rides, and free tours are all on the docket, giving those buffs of historic engines, as well as those visitors enjoying their first foray into train fandom, a lot to enjoy without a lot of money spent. The rides will last around 45 minutes — you'll cover six miles — and there are four departure times each day, on that Saturday and Sunday. Live entertainment? That, too, will be a part of the kick-off party, as well as informative peeks inside the landmark's famous Roundhouse (yep, you'll get to see the Sierra No. 3, also known as the Movie Train due to its many starring roles). For all the important info on this history-filled, adventure-sweet weekend, one that's all about warmer days to come in the Sierra foothills, toot-toot now over to the Railtown 1897 site. And prepare to astound your coworkers and neighbors on the Monday after the weekend, when you finally answer how you spent your Saturday and Sunday.

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