Hop onto a Tanaka Farms Strawberry Tour

The Monday and Tuesday outings'll kick off April in an especially sweet fashion.

APRIL IS HERE, and while we'd never pit months against other months, because every time of the year shines in its own marvelous monthly way, April does stand out, in large part, because it is so darn springlike. This is when flowers truly go to town, er, garden, in the blooming department, and all sorts of outdoorsy events show up, each and every weekend (instead of the tentative "now and then" we see in March). And the produce scene? Goodness, it is good. Just look to Tanaka Farms, in Irvine, for further delicious proof of this fact, but you don't need to just look, if the thought of roaming this historic spread appeals to your April-starting sensibilities. There are a couple of strawberry tours to hop on, as the first weekdays of the fourth month rev up, and the reason behind this sweet opportunity? There are still strawberries left in the field, reveals a Facebook post from the farms.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? There are four tours on Monday, April 2 and four tours on Tuesday, April 3, all happening from the mid-morning to the early part of the afternoon. For sure, you'll be able to call upon the vegetable area of the property, but the whole yummy shebang ends at the strawberry area, where the berries may be picked (oh yeah, and consumed, too). You'll be able to "try different vegetables" earlier in the tour, too, which is nice and April-y and fresh and fun. Get your times pronto for this Irvine-awesome, spring's-here happening. Also going on at Tanaka Farms over the first week of April 2018? The Hello Kitty-cute "Little Farmer for a Day" program.

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