Hotel Palomar San Diego: Freaky Friday Package

A Friday the 13th flash sale means $99 rooms on each Friday through the remainder of the year.

FRIDAYS THAT ARE FREAKY? Those typically only happen in the movies. But sometimes October Fridays can seem at least a little odd, as people head into a weekend that may be filled with Halloween films or atmospheric autumn outings. And if there's a Friday the 13th during the month? The freakydom further increases. To honor this oddity, to acknowledge that October 2017 does indeed boast a Friday the 13th, and to give those travelers calling upon San Diego a stylish place to bed down for the night, all while saving a notable amount of money, Hotel Palomar is offering Freaky Friday package. 

ROOM PRICES BEGIN AT $99... on Friday nights for the remainder of the year — that's right, it's a deal that stretches well beyond October — but here's the important piece of information you'll need: The flash sale will last for 24 hours on Friday, Oct. 13. So you can't book your room on some future Friday to come before Oct. 13, and you can't book it after, so best find all the colorful pens in the house and circle the date several times on your nearest wall calendar. As for the location of Hotel Palomar? It's in the...

GASLAMP DISTRICT, a spot you may want to call upon during the holidays. So to position yourself there, heading into any weekend as the year winds down, seems to be a smart move, should you want to shop, eat out, or be a part of the general Gaslamp hubbub. Remember, the sale is only on for 24 hours on Oct. 13, and you'll want to find a future have-fun Friday, one you can spend in San Diego, before 2017 bids us farewell. 

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