Invite Whales Into Your Home

You can study up on our cetacean friends with a host of water-splashed videos from Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching.

Dana Point Sportfishing & Whale Watching

OPENING YOUR DOOR... to a grey whale? The sort of blow-hole'd superstar that migrates close to our shores each spring? You've never had the opportunity, we're sure, and we're also sure that whales, as a rule, have other places to be. Plus, wouldn't a gargantuan grey whale be rather scrunched upon your sofa? And more than a little cramped in your kitchen? Best leave these beautiful behemoths to their ocean home. But since we're not heading out onto the waves to admire their journeys at the moment, we'll need to invite whales into our abodes, via our screens, which is a good idea in general, as time spent with whale videos is rewarding, relaxing, and often educational, all at once.

DANA POINT SPORTFISHING & WHALE WATCHING... can take us there, thanks to the dozens of videos up on the boat-tastic outfit's Youtube. There are several videos of spectacular sightings, as well as storytime videos and videos detailing the differences between whales led by Nona the Naturalist. If you've got a younger whale maven in the house, these videos are an enriching and fin-fun way to pass the time, and the on-the-water trips possess thrills for any ocean aficionado. When will you next visit the Pacific, in search of our favorite ginormous mammals? It will be a little while yet, due to our #StayatHome days, but we can still find whale wonder, and plenty of it, right here.

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