It's Hot Out, So Find Hot LBC Dining Deals

It's way warm, so leave the oven off and head out for delish dining discounts.

ON DAYS THAT TRULY SWELTER, even picturing the image of an oven can make one's temperature seem to rise. But turning on the oven? Or burners? Or cooking anything that involves heat? Beads of perspiration can spring forth at the merest thought of such an act. If we're lucky, though, sometimes a Restaurant Week, those wonderful, multi-day to-dos that are all about great deals and great finds, coincides with a particularly caliente stretch, as Dine LBC is currently doing. The deal-filled fiesta runs through Sunday, Aug. 12, meaning that you don't even have to imagine your oven, or walk past it, or be in the same room with it; you can find a local eatery that is serving up delectable courses for a song, or something adjacent to a song. The hashtag, because you know there is one? It's...

#FORKYEAH!, so get into the spirit and head out for a "value-oriented meal" that's priced at $5, $15, $25, $35, $45, or $65, with a handful of $85 special menus at some of the tonier eateries. Yep, you read that right: Five bucks is the starting price at some spots, and to that we say #forkyeah. On the list? Saint & Second, Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, Sweet Dixie Kitchen, Hof's Hut Restaurant & Bakery, the Queen Mary, and several more must-try spots. The neighborhoods include Belmont Shore, 4th Street/Retro Row, and lots of other plateful pockets around the city. Check out what foodie favorite has what prix fixe menu in store, then get going, leaving the oven, the hot plate, and the thought of heating up the kitchen behind.

BON APPETIT: You've got through the second Sunday in August to sup it up, without spending a bundle, at one of the most vibrant and large-scale Restaurant Weeks around.

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