It's Time to Make Your Frosty Forecast for the Palm Springs Tram

Think you know when snow will accumulate at Mountain Station this season? You could win Palm Springs Aerial Tramway admissions, sweet.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

What to Know

  • Snow-Guessing Contest at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
  • The annual contest opens Oct. 1; guessers will predict when the first measurable inch of snow will accumulate at the attraction's Mountain Station
  • Be one of the first ten correct entries to select the right date and you'll receive a four-pack of tram admissions and a "special Tram gift memento"

A NATURAL PROGNOSTICATOR? You might possess a gift for peering into the near future. You might know when the first purple blossom will appear on your jacaranda tree or when the first spiderweb of autumn will glisten near your porch. And if your ultimate talent is having a sense of snow and an uncanny connection to the coldest season? Well, you surely know when a storm is going to sweep through hours before it arrives. If knowing about snowing is your most chill talent, and you consider yourself to be a maven of world-famous mid-century attractions, then you surely know that there's an annual contest featuring the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. But wait: This quirky competition isn't about the remarkable rotating cars, the eye-catching architecture of both Valley Station and Mountain Station, or all the pursuits you can enjoy when you reach the alpine area at the top of the tram trip. Rather? The contest wants to know when it will snow.

SPECIFICALLY? Prospective guessers are being asked when will the first measurable inch of snow will fall at Mountain Station, which sits at a mighty high 8,516 feet. The Annual Snow-Guessing Contest opens on Oct. 1 each year, and people are invited to mail a postcard to the tram with their best guess. That guess should be a date, and there should be only one date per postcard. The first ten guesses that are correct? Oh yeah: Those frosty foreseers will win four admissions each to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway as well as a tram-tastic memento. Snow will definitely fall at Mt. San Jacinto in the coming weeks or months — as the tram team says, "(t)here's never been a year when someone didn't win" the contest — so here's your chance to try and pinpoint the date that the upcoming snowfall will occur. For all of the things you need to know, make like a flake and drift by the how-to-enter page now.

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